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Fr. Justin, Bishop Tom and the children on Palm Sunday


Some Vestry members attended a retreat at Our Savior Mission Church in Killington last weekend.

October 19, Friday

Join us at 6 pm for the monthly Pot Luck Supper in the Parish Hall.  Bring a dish and enjoy good food and great conversation.

October 20, Saturday
Church School from 11 am to 1 pm.

October 21, Sunday
PLEASE JOIN US at a church meeting at 11:30 am in the Parish Hall to discuss the 2017 financials. Our bookkeeper, Donna Menneto, will be there to present the corrected and up-to-date financials for the fiscal year 2017.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be speaking at an Episcopal Church Revival in Pittsfield, MA at 1 pm. Here is the link to more information.

Bishop Curry’s message can be viewed live at Click this link, then click the “Get Notified” button and it will be added to your calendar.(Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook Calendars only). The Traftons are going to see if they can set up a laptop and projector in the Parish Hall so that Bishop Curry’s message can be LIVE streamed on the 21st at 1 pm. Stay tuned.

October 28 Sunday
Book Study Group will gather at 11:45 to discuss chapters 3 and 4 of The Letter of Privy Counsel,  a 14th century English work on Contemplative Prayer by the anonymous author of the Cloud of Unknowing.

October 30 Tuesday
Contemplative Outreach is offering a workshop in Brattleboro from 10 am to 1 pm on the Vision Statements and Theological Principles of Contemplative Outreach; the organization created by Fr. Thomas Keating to teach Centering Prayer around the world.  The Workshop will be led by Ms. Marie Howard from California and assisted by Fr. Justin Lanier.  The exact location is TBA.  There will be a contingent of folks from St. Peter’s car pooling if you would like to go, please talk to Fr. Justin.

November 10, Saturday
St Peter’s Bowling Extravaganza  at the Bennington Lanes from 3 to 5 pm. Bowler registration and sponsor forms are available at church. For more information call either Colleen Gates 802 442-1900 etx1904 or John Riddle 802-442-2911.

November 20, Tuesday
The St Petersburg Men’s Ensemble will once again bring us an hour of Russian a capella music, both sacred and folk at 7 pm. This amazing professional men’s quartet concert is free, donations accepted.


The Vestry is still looking for a permanent clerk. This is an important ministry and we love to welcome someone into this role. Please see Kay Trafton, 802 681-4335 or Fr Justin  at 802-442-2911.

There are lots of People to Thank for recent events: 

Many thanks to Dick Bower and the team who once again made the Chicken Pie Supper a big success! Thank you to the waitstaff, the publicity team, the bakers, the pies makers, the Friday prep people, dishwashers and everyone else who helped.

Many thanks to the people who helped make pasta sauce for our emergency food freezer! Lots of hands and ingredients went into the picking, peeling and stewing of the sauce.  If you want to bring pasta for the shelf next to the freezer, and meatballs for the freezer it will expand these meals!

Thank you to Dick Bower, Wes Baker and Holly Schmitz for another very successful Golf Scramble. Thanks to those who donated, who golfed and the publicity team.

Thanks to Dick Bower  Scott Trafton, Emily Kennedy, Wes Baker, Betsy Walton and John Terauds for the fall cleanup – pruning and raking on September 7.

Coffee Hour- We could use some extra help for coffee hour following the 8 am service.

Birthday cake (or cupcakes or??) bakers are needed for first Sunday of the month celebrations after the 8 am service.  If you would like to be put on the birthday list, please add your name to the birthday box in the office.

Volunteer Opportunities– We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful church. To maintain its beauty, we are looking for volunteers to help with various projects (large and small) within the church and grounds. From painting, to weeding, dusting or window repair -your help is always appreciated. A list of projects is forthcoming. We are grateful for any help that you can offer.

The Building Fund Campaign Sap Bucket is ready for your donation!

Thank you to all who have already given as well as to those who have given the full amount for the year already. We humbly thank you and appreciate your dedication. We ask that you prayerfully consider being a part of this parish wide Building Fundraiser Challenge if you are not already doing so. If you have any questions, please see Bill Hardy at church on Sundays or call him at home at 802-442-4075.

Friendly Reminder – In an ongoing effort to reduce costs,and maintain our metered contract with our copy machine provider, we are asking that the copy machine only be used for church business. Thank you for understanding.

Food for the Freezer – Please consider making an extra dish during this season. Packaged and dated meals are a great way to help those in need.

Rector’s Office Hours ( Wednesday 2 to 5 pm)  is a time when Fr. Justin is available without prior appointment. He may be called away in  emergency situations and then office hours may be canceled.  If possible please call to  make an appointment.The Bless Bennington project: The Contemplative Prayer Group at the Unitarian Church is encouraging people in Bennington to take one minute each morning or evening at 9 (or any time it occurs to you) to extend feelings of gratitude, love and blessing to the town of Bennington.

Please use the compost bucket in the kitchen. All food scraps should go into this bucket and then it can then be emptied into the bin outside the kitchen door. Please help our Mother Earth by returning food to the earth!

Photo/Image Policy for St Peter’s Church:
The Vestry would like folks to re-read the church’s photo policy. Parents have to sign an “opt in” form in order for us to use children’s photos in print and on-line. Adults  have to sign an “opt out” form if they do not want their picture to be published. The policy and forms are on the bulletin board.

The date for the 2018 Diocesan Convention is  October 26 and 27. The Reverend Stephanie Spellers will be with us. The Hilton Hotel in Burlington will be the main venue. 

Send your announcements to [email protected] to be included in the weekly email and to promptly have your information on this web site.

If you are Hospitalized
Because of the HIPAA laws, hospitals are not allowed to notify the Church of your admission. Please call the Church to let us know that you have been admitted to the hospital

Send your announcements to [email protected] to be included in the weekly email and to promptly have your information on this web site.

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