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Saturday, December 9,

3 to 5:30

December 10, Sunday

Christmas Pastoral Care Project
The day following the Christmas Tea, we will be delivering small trays of cookies to our parishioners who are unable to get to church. If you know of someone who we may not have thought of please let Nancy Bower (447-0119) or Emily Kennedy (442-5300) know and if you would be willing to take cookies to someone let them know.

December 14, Thursday

Lunch Bunch is in the Guild Room following the 10 am Eucharist. We are now enjoying our fall/winter menu of soup and sandwiches. We always have dessert, tea and coffee. Transportation can be provided. Call the church at 442-2911, if you need a ride.

December 15, Friday

Potluck Supper: Join our lively group of parishioners and community members at 6 pm for a great evening of potluck and conversation. We want to add live music to the evening, so bring your voice or your instrument.

December 16, Saturday

Church School. Join Mary Gerisch at 10 am for a fun morning of Bible stories,crafts and making lunch together. We will be getting ready for the Christmas Pageant. Please call Mary (802-379-6311) if you are interested in attending church school

December 17, Sunday

Christmas Pageant
If you are interested in being a part of the pageant at the 10 am service, please contact Kay Trafton (802-233-3524) or Mary Gerisch (802-379-6311).

Christmas Services

December 24, Sunday, Christmas Eve Services:
8 am in the Lady’s Chapel
10 am in the Sanctuary
5 pm in the Sanctuary
10:30 pm in the Sanctuary

December 25, Monday

One Service at 9 am, in the Sanctuary


Welcome to Donna Lauzon, our office manager!
Donna sill be in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 11:30 am. Stop in to say hello!

A big thank you to Brooke Thompson Drew for donating the lanes and the shoes to our St. Peter’s bowlers. What a great time was had by all on November 11th. We had about 25 bowlers and a dozen in the cheering section.

The Building Fund Campaign Sap Bucket is ready for your donation!

This challenge is to raise $12,000 over the next year to help pay for building projects. If you would like your contribution to be credited to your name (for tax purposes), please place it in an envelope with your name on it. If you write a check, please indicate Building Fundraising Challenge in the memo line. The Vestry is asking the 70 families in our parish to consider giving 25 cents per person per day.

Rector’s Office Hours
( Wednesday 2 to 5 pm) is a time when Fr. Justin is available without prior appointment. He may be called away in emergency situations and then office hours may be canceled. If possible please call to make an appointment.

Join Bill Hardy for a work party around the church! We are looking for folks of the younger generation~the ones who grew up going to St. Peter’s Church and are now in their thirties, forties and fifties. We want to gather those that are interested to work with Bill to fix some of the building issues
around the church. Bill will gather with these small groups several times over the next few months. He will feed YOU pizza (and maybe some beer!) Let’s work together to help bring St. Peter’s back to its
beautiful self. Contact Bill Hardy @ 442-4075 to find some dates that work for YOU to come and work on these jobs! Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration.

Fr. Justin has posted a wonderful video from the World Community of Christian Meditation. A great thanks to Leonardo, one of the contemplatives at the exchange for recording and making this video. You’ll see three locals, Mark Longhurst the minister of First Congregational Church in Williamstown, Mark Kutolowski of Metanoia of Vermont, and our own Fr. Justin, plus Fr.s Thomas Keating, Richard Rohr, Laurence Freeman, and Tilden Edwards.

Congratulations to Catherine Burns who was named Educator of the Year by the Vermont Educational Opportunity Programs for her dedicated service to the federal TRIO program for over 17 years. Catherine is a Tutoring Coordinator and Course Apprentice Program Supervisor at SVC’s Student Support Services. She has helped thousands of low-income students, first-generation students, and students with disabilities navigate through college.

There is a compost bucket in the kitchen. All food scraps should go into this bucket and then it should be emptied into the bin outside the kitchen door. Please help our Mother Earth by returning food to the earth, not into non-biodegradable plastic bags!

Pledge Cards: Please bring your pledge cards in as soon as possible. The Budget Committee needs an approximate income figure for use in preparing the Annual Budget.

The following projects still need to be done: Please contact Betsey Walton at 802-379-0877 if you are interested in helping:
* Folding chairs need to be washed and numbered
*Black keys on front of the church need to be painted.
*Areas on the windows that were caulked last year need to be painted

The Seedlings After School Program is gearing up for another year at both Benn El and Molly Stark schools. We hope to add a new “pod” of first graders at Benn El. Volunteers are needed for both the first grade pod and the fourth grade pod. It is just 90 minutes, one day a week, Mon, Tues or Thursday from 3 to 4:30. Call Lorianna at 229-921-9729 or email [email protected] or talk with Nancy Bower (447-0119) or Mary McGuinness (442-5908)

The Bless Bennington project:
The Bless Bennington project: The Contemplative Prayer Group at the Unitarian Church is encouraging people in Bennington to take one minute each morning or evening at 9 (or any time it occurs to you) to extend feelings of gratitude, love and blessing to the town of Bennington.

Sunday School: Bring the children and have a great time with stories, crafts, lunch and more. Call Mary Gerisch at 379-6311 for more information.

Photo/Image Policy for St Peter’s Church:
The Vestry would like folks to re-read the church’s photo policy. Parents have to sign an “opt in” form in order for us to use children’s photos in print and on-line. Adults  have to sign an “opt out” form if they do not want their picture to be published. The policy and forms are on the bulletin board.

If you are Hospitalized
Because of the HIPAA laws, hospitals are not allowed to notify the Church of your admission. Please call the Church to let us know that you have been admitted to the hospital

The Freezer is Hungry
The freezer can always use more items. When you are making soup, stew, chili, etc., put one extra serving in a container, mark it with the date and put it in the freezer in the hall by the Parish Office. Remember that we try to rotate the food every six months, so it is important to mark the date. Other ideas are a package of hot dogs or hamburger patties and buns bundled together. Thank you to all who put food in the freezer.

Give and Want Board
On the bulletin board you will find a poster labeled “GIVE and WANT”. We frequently give items to charity stores and the needy, so why not share with our friends? List the items that you want to dispose of and any items you would like to have. Check the board and if you can fill a need simply call the giver or receiver and arrange the transfer. It’s easy, and keeps our “junque” out of the landfill. Any questions: ask Tabbie Aldrich 681-7744

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