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A Letter from The Reverend Angie

Posted on Jul 2, 2020 in rector's messages | 0 comments

Dear people of God, Some world events are so momentous our lives are changed forever. 9/11 was one of those moments. We are living through another – actually two; COVID 19 and the murder of George Floyd. The power of these events is forcing us to face our vulnerability, our powerlessness to fend off change, our deep need for security and certainty. There is no going back to “a better way” The best years and the best way lies ahead of us waiting to be discovered. I personally find great comfort from one of the suffrages from ...

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July Message from Fr. Justin

Posted on Jun 29, 2019 in rector's messages | 0 comments

From the Rector Fr. Justin Lanier + Over the course of my time here at St. Peter’s I have made regular use of the doctrine of the triple-birth of Christ, to teach different aspects of the Person of Christ Jesus. Let me however talk a bit about the third of the triple-births as I mentioned in the last few Keystones. In case you missed my previous attempts at a concise description of the triple-birth of Christ celebrated at Christmas: Our Christmas celebration traditionally has three related and distinct liturgies; one in the middle of the...

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Fr Justin’s Holy Week Services

Posted on Apr 4, 2019 in rector's messages | 0 comments

Wednesday, April 17th: Chanting and Walking Meditation ~ 5-5:30 pm During Lent this year we have been praying using simple and repetitive chant. We have focused on a chant from Revelation 22:13 “I am Alpha and Omega / The original and the latest / The source and the end”. We have been using a Latin translation to highlight the sounds and the interior dynamics of the chant as we circumambulate the sanctuary while the vesper light pours through our stained glass windows. Contemplative Prayer and Teaching ~ 5:30-7 pm Contemplative Prayer and...

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Fr. Justin’s March Message

Posted on Mar 3, 2019 in rector's messages | 0 comments

Recently in our book study, where we are reading, marking, and inwardly digesting, A Letter or Private Direction, that 14th century English work on prayer, we read this extraordinary section in chapter V: “…keep yourself recollected and undistracted as far as you can by grace and the strategy of spiritual endurance.  For in this dark contemplation of the substance of your being, in which as I have told you, you are one with GOD, you must do all that you have to do: eat and drink, sleep and awaken, walk and sit, speak and be silent, lie...

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